1. A Way

From the recording A Way

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We as artist job is to entertain but also to inform, to bring healing to pain and thoughts. The gift of music that those blessed enough to reach an audience. Have a job to help grow and motivate especially in a time of need. If you do nothing, you get nothing. So what I'm doing is bring awareness and truth to those who are awake enough to listen to it. Too much hate in the world, too much to question in this world. But causing pain to one another will never give us the balance we long fought for. So instead of causing beef and controversy, Black Shawd brought u peace and harmony. Using his voice against the social injustices of America. This song is just an outlook and expression on what he goes through and I feel most go through. Just trying to make it in the everyday struggle of life. All in all, Black Shawd's message is a must-listen that comes at a time of violence and injustice. Helping and hoping to find A Way.


Artist: Black Shawd
Song: A Way
Date: 2016

(A Way)
From all the things I'm Facing and Im going threw
I don't worry cause I know there's
(A Way)
Maybe If we can show some and stop the hate
Maybe we can go find
(A Way)
I don't Look like you, You don't look like me yo it's okay
But I know we can find
(A Way)
So we can raise these kids and show them it'll be alright, I don't worry cause I know there is
(A Way)

Verse 1:
I’m hoping wishing I find me away

To Get threw the things I see everyday

Riots and Rallies destroying are Nation

So much injustice were growing in patient

Marchin & Boycotten still nothing got down

We stand up and Pro Test they pull out there gun

#BlackLivesMatter just hear what were saying

Up in are community the police are sparying

Blood on the walls, there is blood on the floors

These concrete get painted even if your unarmed

Wondering and wishing if something will change

When your deep in the fire, you wishin it’ll rain

Do you hearing are calls, are you feeling are pain

Do you not understand, or you just turn away

Its these things that I wonder, Im just think out loud

Thinking and plottin to get me on out

FInd me a spaceship and fly off the planet

They we treat each other, I really cant stand it

See that hate, that you feel just know it was taught

Why can’t we move foward and get out the box

We came to far to be going back

They say im the problem all just cuz im black

Just searching for peace, its something I pray

Hoping someday we can find
(A Way)

Verse 2:
Maybe if I can come find me way

To deal with the things I see everyday

The struggle is real, you don’t understand

To keep us under was how the system was planned

Divide and conquer it works everytime
Trump got the country losing its mind

Look you not helping, you causing more pain

Causing more Violence,I wish that he would go (away)

The News is so traggic its so hard to bare

When nothing gets done it’s like nobody cares

When Flint lost they water, look nothing got done

Think that there worried then you are that dump

Where im from keep a gun if you wanna to survive

Were you can lose your life just walking outside

The young follow figures, with no father figures

This art that I paint to give you the picture

Lets stop all the hate and learn how to love

Stop all the killing we bleed the same blood

Only thing different about us is color

We dont learn to change then are days are numbered

Its time for a change cuz the old ways done failed

Hard to find heaven when living in hell

Just searching for peace, its something I pray

Hoping someday we can find away

Verse 3:
2 rise beyond hate, so we can succeed

Respect each other based on thier deeds

Not by are color, but love one another

you are my brother

or you are my sister

Yo listen

They say that im this, and they say that im that

Keeping me under thats why I feel trapped

What is the reason for all of the fight

Wish the hate would just go (away)

Cuz it’s not doing nothing but bring us down

When were still trying to manage getting around

What they wanted hidden, know we all can see

That hate that you feel cuz your not like me

Im crying inside from people dying in dispair

The truth is so ugly, once you look in the mirror

Don’t change the station, dont turn you cheek

Dont judge the person you see in the streets

it’s a beautiful world, that the ugly control

Your mind, your body, dont lose your soul

In this world were hate comes so natural

When another get buried its so pracical

I Know it get hard but you can’t give up

No matter how much it be tearing you up

Just searching for peace, its something I pray

Hoping someday we can find away